Deadline for new applications: 15 November 2018

15 Oct 2018

The endowment fund Praha ve filmu Prague Film Fund announces a third call for grant applications in 2018. The application period is from 15 October 2018 to 15 November 2018.

Prague Film Fund supports another four films, including Spider-Man: Far From Home

Supported projects include also the Czech film Modelář (Model Maker), the Italian comedy Dormiremo da vecchi (We’ll Sleep When We’re Old) and the German television film Die Diplomatin: Prager Nächte (The Diplomat: Prague Nights). 

Prague Film Fund launches a new call for applications with deadline 16 July 2018

1 Jun 2018

The fund announces a new call for grant applications for audiovisual projects – feature, documentary and animated films, series, or episodes in a series. The application period is 1 June 2018 – 16 July 2018.


Prague is the traditional centre of the Czech film industry and a favourite destination for international productions. By founding the Prague Film Fund, the City of Prague wants to actively support the positive presentation of  the Czech capital abroad, through film and television productions.
The Fund provides grants to feature films for international distribution in cinemas as well as for TV films and series to be broadcasted on foreign television stations. The essential condition is that the project portrays Prague as Prague and not as a stand-in for another city.